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The online portal for connecting ex-British Caledonian Airways employees around the world.


Those were the days. . . . .

Those were the days

A personal message from Bob Coleman

General Manager Operations 1979-1981
General Manager Nigeria 1981-1983
Senior General Manager 1984-1988

"I joined BUA at Gatwick in July 1966 in what was then known as the Traffic Department, and so was there when the merger with Caledonian resulted in the formation of British Caledonian Airways, and I continued with the new airline until its untimely end in 1988. The initial birth pains of the new Company were gradually overcome, and for almost two decades I was privileged to be part of what became an airline with a world-wide reputation for superlative customer service. As in any organisation, it is good people who make the difference, and BCal had highly motivated and professional staff in every department. Politics was the deciding factor in the demise of BCal despite the hard work of all those wonderful people who gave much of their lives trying to overcome the obstacles in the way of the Company’s growth.

It would be a travesty if all that effort and dedication were left to fade from memory, and except from the bare bones of historical fact that would happen very quickly unless someone with the energy and ability stepped forward to collate and publish, in effect to the world, an easily accessed record in writing and photographs of all those talented people, from that great man Sir Adam Thompson, who founded the Company, right down through the organisation, wherever they worked.

Consequently, it is clear that we all owe Tom Boyle an enormous debt of gratitude for all the work he has done, and continues to do, in the creation of the BCal Reunited Website. This is not an easy task, and depending so much on the input of others, at times must be extremely frustrating. I am as guilty as anybody for failing to provide input which with a little effort could be made available to Tom, and I would ask everyone reading this to search out the old photographs and memorabilia we all have tucked away, and to write down memories of those happy days in the past when BCal aircraft flew proudly along the air-routes of the world, and pass them on to Tom for inclusion in the Website. Remember, those memories, unless recorded where they can be accessed, will inevitably be lost as our memories fade."









Enjoy reminiscing with what was probably, the greatest airline in the world.

British Calededonian - "We never forget you have a choice"






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